About Dr. Alexander Smirnoff

Dr. Alexander Smirnoff completed medical school at the Medical Academy of Latvia, in Riga, Latvia in 1980, and began practicing medicine. From there he went to St. Petersburg for his residency in Neurology at the First Medical Institute, finishing in 1986.  He practiced neurology in Riga, Latvia until he came to the United States in 1991. He completed several fellowships during that time, including Spine Medicine and Acupuncture.

After arriving in the United States, he then completed his internship and residency in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Hennepin County Medical Center and the University of Minnesota Medical School in 2000.

After residency, Dr. Smirnoff went to Wake Forest University, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for fellowships in Neurophysiology-EMG/Neuromuscular Diseases and Movement Disorders.

He is board certified in Neurology and board certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

After working in Tennessee and Alabama, Dr. Smirnoff moved to Florida in 2010, at the request of the Villages Regional Hospital to establish a private practice for the ever-growing population in The Villages.  He has been on staff at several hospitals during his career, and maintains licenses in several states.  He is on staff of the Villages Regional Hospital.

Dr. Smirnoff has received many honors and awards during his career, such as the Dr. Benjamin Shapiro Award for the Best Research Project in 2000, the Mary Bizal Peterson Award for Best Resident in 1999, and awards for poster presentations.

He is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, the American Academy of  Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, the Florida Medical Association, the International Society to Advance Alzheimer's Research and Treatment, the Movement Disorders Society, the New York Academy of Sciences, and many others. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Florida Neurology Department, and the past Director of Stroke, The Villages Regional Hospital.

Dr. Smirnoff practices general neurology, seeing patients with all neurological disorders. He has a special interest in research, partnering with Compass Research, serving as the Sub principal investigator in the Zinfandel/Tomorrow Study, focusing on Alzheimer's research.  He participated in the Prism Study with Avanir, and the DBS study with the University of Florida.

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